Struggling to Catch Fish This Ice Season? This Might Be Why | Jason Mitchell Outdoors

Struggling to Catch Fish This Ice Season? This Might Be Why

Something we have seen a lot this 2021 ice fishing season is much less ice and seemingly much spookier fish. With less ice, we have noticed that we are catching more fish at times by slowing down and giving spots more time versus an aggressive run and gun approach. Shallow water and thin ice can create situations where fish bump off your noise and we have had to take a slower and methodical approach where we had to sit over holes longer and let the fish cycle back through.

Obviously sitting where there is no fish is not the answer but one lesson we have had to learn this winter on some of the water we have fished is to slow down. What observations have you had this winter? Would love to hear your comments below. Thanks for watching and make sure to subscribe to keep up with future content.






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Jason Mitchell is a professional angler, and outdoor writer. Host of Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television, he is a renown multi-species and ice angler, and owner of Devils Lake, North Dakota's, Mitchell's Devils Lake Guide Service.