JMO Podcast 30- Jigging Walleyes with Tommy Kemos | Jason Mitchell Outdoors

JMO Podcast 30- Jigging Walleyes with Tommy Kemos


NWT Angler Tommy Kemos has a sixth sense when it comes to jig fishing nuances. By refining the finest details and executing, Kemos has enjoyed an extremely successful career in tournament walleye fishing. In this JMO Podcast, Kemos joins host Tayler Michels to deliver a graduate course on jig fishing walleye. Kemos covers a lot of ground detailing: line, rod actions, cadence and the triggers of both live bait and plastic.

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Jason Mitchell is a professional angler, and outdoor writer. Host of Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television, he is a renown multi-species and ice angler, and owner of Devils Lake, North Dakota's, Mitchell's Devils Lake Guide Service.