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Choosing the Best Ice Fishing Lures for Panfish


So much ice fishing tackle to choose from! How do you decide what to use for bluegill and crappie? Jason Mitchell breaks ice fishing tackle down into three basic lure categories for panfish… small spoons, horizontal jigs and vertical jigs. Each of these lure categories has a time and place. Find out the pros and cons for small spoons, horizontal jigs and vertical jigs along with insights on when to choose each lure.

We cover the basic lure spectrum from using a larger profile lure to break down water and use as a search lure to find fish… all the way to much more subtle finesse jigs for tougher fish. What are your favorite jigs or lures for panfish and what would you add? Obviously we have just scratched the surface of jig and lure options. We also left out color selection as we believe overall profile, size and jigging cadence is usually much more important than color. Leave your comments below and subscribe to keep up with future content.




About Author

Jason Mitchell is a professional angler, and outdoor writer. Host of Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television, he is a renown multi-species and ice angler, and owner of Devils Lake, North Dakota's, Mitchell's Devils Lake Guide Service.