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Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television is a regionally broadcast television show available throughout the Midwest on both Cable and Broadcast, covering North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin Indiana, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri on Fox Sports Net North, Fox Sports Net Midwest. and Midco Cable TV. Our season 20 episodes feature and showcase some of the greatest fishing opportunities in the region along with techniques, guests and tactics that viewers find informative and enjoyable to watch.

Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television publishes all of its show episodes online for easy viewing. Watch all of our weekly episodes online, in HD video format.

Open Water Shows

Jerkbait Smallmouth Bass

Published on May 29, 2019: Prespawn smallmouth bass on Lake Audubon in central North Dakota. Filmed spring 2019. Snapping and pausing jerk baits like the Salmo Rattling Sting over shallow rock is a deadly method for catching fish. SIck action…