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Big Kids and Bluegills

Published on Jun 27, 2019: Shallow water bluegills to kick off summer! Fun to catch and perhaps the best eating fish in the Midwest. Great way to introduce new anglers or kids to fishing. Easy panfish patterns where anybody can go out and catch fish and have fun. Enjoyed by kids and adults alike, bluegill are an extremely popular fish to target and catch. We also discuss selective harvest pertaining to panfish like bluegill.

Biologists are now telling us that releasing the large male or “bull” bluegills is important for the size and health of a bluegill fishery because these fish in particular guard the nest. Overall size of bluegills have dropped in many fisheries leading to stunted fish because of overharvest. Have fun, catch a lot of fish but practice restraint where you keep only what you need for a meal as these fish are particularly vulnerable in the early summer.




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