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Are Bluegill Regulations Needed?


Jason Mitchell joins Scott Mackenthun from the Minnesota DNR on the Cannon Chain in south central Minnesota to target jumbo bluegills. Scott does a deep dive into bluegill biology and provides details for the new Panfish Regulations that are being implemented on select lakes to improve or preserve the size structure where big bluegills either exist or once existed. This is not a one-size-fits-all state wide regulation but rather is aimed at select lakes that fit a criteria.

Angler approval so far has been nearly eighty five percent to protect some of these big fish populations. Interesting side note, a big bull bluegill that is over ten inches in length is probably at least ten years old in Minnesota. These fish are important for guarding the nest and passing on big fish genetics into the population. Biologist realize that if you remove the large males, the populations often becomes stunted. A big bull bluegill is one of ice fishing’s greatest prizes and more ice anglers are embracing a catch and release ethos and selective harvest mentality with panfish. What are your thoughts and opinions on selective harvest or reduced bag limits for panfish to preserve size structure? Are the panfish becoming smaller on your favorite ice fishing lake over time? Make sure to leave your comments below. Smash that subscribe button to keep up with future content.

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