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Explore some of the most effective tactics on the fishing scene right now. Information packed episodes highlighting open water and ice fishing tactics. Multi-species format for walleye, bass, musky, panfish, catfish and more. Featured destinations and dialed in presentations enable you to incorporate this information into your own fishing experiences.

Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television is a regionally broadcast television show available throughout the Midwest on both Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Midwest, covering North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin Indiana, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri.


Season 17 Ice Fishing Episodes

Lake Oahe Ice Crappie
The upper end of Lake Oahe on the Missouri River has quietly developed into a top-tier crappie fishery. Most of...
Turtle Mountain Bluegills
Jason Mitchell joins Clayton Davis in North Dakota's Turtle Mountains to search for giant bluegills. Considered one of North Dakota's...
Fast Action Iowa Yellow Bass
Jason Mitchell and guide Kevan Paul showcase Iowa's yellow bass fishery on Clear Lake. These invasive fish are numerous, great...
Backcountry Manitoba Crappie
The Whiteshell River Chain in eastern Manitoba is a relatively new under the radar crappie fishery that has exploded over...
Run and Gun Jumbo Perch
Jason Mitchell joins Dave Genz in northeast South Dakota's Glacial Lakes Country where the anglers discuss the advantages of using...
Icing Skinny Water Panfish
Ice Team Pros Chris Granrud and Jason Mitchell discuss shallow water panfish patterns and strategies that shine at early and...
Iowa Borrow Pit Crappie and Gills
The states of Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois boast several small dams and borrow pits built during the construction of interstates...
Gigantic Lake Winnipeg Walleye
Manitoba's Lake Winnipeg is simply incredible if your goal is to ice trophy class walleye. Jason Mitchell joins Ice Team...
Covered in Eelpout Slime
A fascinating freshwater predator, eelpout are gaining in popularity amongst ice anglers. Join host Jason Mitchell along with guides Jason...



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Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television is a regionally broadcast television show available throughout the Midwest on both Cable and Broadcast, and showcases some of the greatest fishing opportunities that viewers find informative and enjoyable to watch.

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