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Tag Archives: School of Outdoor Sports

Pine Sunset Lodge and North Dakota Turkeys


Season 12; Episode 8: Join us as we fish Dinorwick Lake near Dryden Ontario with our friends at Pine Sunset Lodge.  This beautiful Canadian Shield lake offers great scenery not to mention great walleye fishing opportunities.  Later in the show, we join Mark Strand from the School of Outdoor Sports where we discuss the future of hunting while hunting turkeys in south central North Dakota.


Devils Lake White Bass and Bottom Bouncer Walleyes


Season 12; Episode 7: Join us this week on Jason Mitchell Outdoors as we travel to some of our favorite waters, Devils Lake and the Glacial Lakes Region of South Dakota in search of both Whitebass and Walleyes.  The first segment takes place on Devils Lake in the heart of North Dakota were we are joined by guest Dean Nathe of Yar-Craft Boats.  Along with all the  excitement of catching the overlooked whitebass, we discuss tactics, enjoyment, and most of all safety in boats.  The second half of the show takes us to the Glacial Lake Region where we meet up with long time friend and professional guide Joe Honer.  Fishing fast and locating schools of fish with Trigger X along weed bed edges is the name of the game in  this segment.


Ice Fishing Soft Plastics and Trolling Salmo Hornets


Season 12; Episode 6: This episode of Jason Mitchell Outdoors explain how to use soft plastics to catch panfish through the ice with veteran ice anglers Travis Kratcha and Tony Mariotti. While extremely popular in some parts of the Country, many ice anglers have been slow to embrace soft plastics in the upper Midwest and this program explains how to use these baits effectively. Later in the show, we are joined by Garrett Stout of Pierre, South Dakota who won an essay contest sponsored by the School of Outdoor Sports. Garrett, myself and local guiding legend Wickerbill Christ trolled Salmo Hornets on Lake Sharpe where we experienced some incredible fishing.