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Category Archives: Articles

The High Road for Panfish


With Jason Mitchell

Panfish can suspend anywhere in the water column and a big equation for locating fish and putting together a pattern is dialing in that productive zone.  Before electronics, anglers often fished down through the entire water column.  The edge that sonar gives us today is that we can speed up the process of getting back down to fish which makes us more efficient.  What also happens as we race back down to a school that might be fifteen feet below the transducer is we miss the high fish or leave fish that might not show up well on electronics.


The Right Pitch for Panfish


By Jason Mitchell

When it comes to presentation discussion concerning bluegills, tungsten has dominated the discussions over the past few years. Tungsten jigs have become so popular because tungsten is much heavier than traditional lead. An angler can either go a couple different directions with tungsten. You can use a much smaller profile or size with tungsten or you can use the same mass or size as traditional lead but increase the sensitivity because of the increase in weight.


Night Shift Walleye

Looking to catch more walleye this winter? Work the grave yard shift on many bodies of water.

By Jason Mitchell

Not all bodies of water offer solid after dark fishing opportunities for walleye but there are so many notable fisheries where we have traditionally caught the majority of fish or sometimes the largest fish long after the witching hour when the sun sinks into the horizon. On many bodies of water, the best walleye fishing happens after dark. From Montana’s Fort Peck Reservoir to the Finger Lakes of New York with a long list of fisheries in between these two destinations, the night shift is where it is at for catching walleye through the ice.