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Catching River Monsters! Paddlefish on the Yellowstone River


Published on Jan 4, 2019: Angling for one of the largest fish in North America. Fascinating and exotic opportunity for the massive paddlefish on the Yellowstone River near Sidney, Montana. Interesting biological insights on the management of this prehistoric fish that grows to huge proportions.

The upper Missouri River Drainage that includes the Yellowstone River produce some of the largest paddlefish caught by anglers each season. The paddlefish, (sometimes called spoonbill catfish in some regions) is a 300 million year old species of fish that is made up of cartilage. Anglers must snag these fish because the fish is a filter feeder (feeding on zooplankton). Highly regulated season in Montana. The fish’s enormous size combined with strong current makes this one of the toughest fish to land. Many of the largest fish are never landed by anglers. These fish can break rods and spool all the line off reels. Some fish can reach weights that surpass 80 pounds.




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