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Jason Mitchell is a professional angler, and outdoor writer. Host of Jason Mitchell Outdoors Television, he is a renown multi-species and ice angler, and owner of Devils Lake, North Dakota's, Mitchell's Devils Lake Guide Service.

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By Jason Mitchell For diehard anglers, fall fishing may be the most coveted time of the year.  While every angler seems to participate for season openers and early season weekends, many anglers put the rods away and park the boat…

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By Jason Mitchell Current attracts walleye any time of the year and what might surprise many anglers is just how much current affects walleye location and movements throughout the season.  Even large natural lakes have currents that occur as wind…

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with Jason Mitchell Trolling patterns that cover water and break down big locations with crankbaits often seem to dominate the walleye scene come mid summer.  As fish pull out over deep contours or basins and in some cases suspend over…

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By Jason Mitchell There is always an increased level of intensity whenever you are fishing for your next meal. When you know that you and other people are relying on what you put on a stringer or in a live…

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By Jason Mitchell I make no secret for my love for shallow weed pattern walleyes.  These fish are aggressive and will hit baits with force.  Spend any time chasing muskies and sooner or later, don’t be surprised to find your…

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