Sakakawea Pike at Late Ice

Season 15 Episode 6 Segment 2: Host Jason Mitchell joins astute Lake Sakakawea angler Jason Votova for late ice pike action. Top locations and strategies for this peaking pike fishery are discussed along with dead bait presentations that catch some Read More »


The Soft Plastic Walleye Revolution on Ice

Season 15 Episode 6 – Segment 1: Tipping walleye lures with soft plastics has become one of the hottest trends across the ice belt. Host Jason Mitchell is joined by Eric Naig from Northland Fishing Tackle to share a few Read More »


Late Ice Crappie

Season 15 Episode 5: Ice Team members Jason Mitchell and Tony Mariotti share some top locations and strategies for aggressive crappie stacked right under late ice. Slide and glide soft plastic presentations that trigger big crappies are discussed. Read More »


Epic Perch Bite on Devils Lake

Season 15 Episode 4: Jason Mitchell joins Woodland Resort’s Tom Shields on his home water of Devils Lake, North Dakota for one of the most epic days of perch fishing. Top locations and presentations for Devils Lake perch and walleyes Read More »


Ice Crappies – Quality over Quantity

Season 15 Episode 3: Top end crappies often roam water with a low population density of fish. Ice Team members Jason Mitchell and Jeff Andersen discuss some strategies for finding the top locations for slab crappies on deep water lakes Read More »


Flutter Spoon Walleyes

Season 15 Episode 2 Segment 2: High percentage transition locations are discussed for finding walleyes on prairie pothole lakes in the Glacial Lakes Region of South Dakota at late ice. Flutter Spoons are used to trigger aggressive walleyes. Read More »


Dead Stick Tactics for Jumbo Perch

Season 15 Episode 2 Segment 1:  Host Jason Mitchell shares a few strategies for hunkering down over key transitions with dead stick presentations to catch massive early ice perch on Devils Lake, North Dakota. Read More »


Tungsten Tactics for Basin Panfish

Season 15 Episode 1: Classic basin panfish patterns at early ice. Ice Team members Jason Mitchell and Tony Mariotti share some nuances for breaking down these basin locations with tungsten jigs and soft plastics. Read More »


Short Line Trolling Strategies for Walleye

Season 14 – Episode 19: Host Jason Mitchell and guide Corey Ewing share a deadly late summer walleye tactic for shallow natural lakes in the Glacial Lakes Region of South Dakota. Put a Salmo Bullhead 8SDR behind the prop, troll Read More »


Giant Lake Superior Smallmouth Bass

Season 14 – Episode 18: Chequamegon Bay near Ashland Wisconsin is one of the most notorious smallmouth bass fisheries on the Great Lakes. Join host Jason Mitchell and guide Roger LaPenter as they share some tips and strategies for fishing Read More »


Ontario Fly In Walleye Paradise

Season 14 – Episode 17: Eric Naig from Northland Fishing Tackle joins host Jason Mitchell on an Ontario Fly In fishing adventure with Knobby’s Fly In Camps located in Sioux Lookout. Read More »


Deadly Half Crawler Rig for Walleye

Season 14 – Episode 16: Host Jason Mitchell demonstrates the effectiveness of a half crawler rig developed with Northland Fishing Tackle called the Crawler Hauler on Devils Lake, North Dakota. Read More »


Pitching Jigs for Fall Walleye

Season 14 – Episode 15: Host Jason Mitchell and veteran guide Al Maas pitch jigs for walleye in mid October on Minnesota’s Leech Lake. Read More »


Nonstop Ontario Walleye Action

Season 14 – Episode 14: Jason Mitchell Outdoors travels to Dinorwic Lake, Ontario to fish with Pine Sunset Lodge. A jig fisherman’s dream, this is a top drive to fishing destination for walleye on the Canadian Shield. Read More »


Rigging for Walleye on Fort Peck

Season 14 – Episode 13: Live bait rigging on prominent classic structure for trophy walleye on Fort Peck Reservoir in eastern Montana. Read More »


Lake of the Ozarks Fishing

Season 14 Episode 12 Segment 2:  Top bass and crappie fishing destination with excellent fishing opportunities available through late winter and early spring. Enjoy this fishery with Camden on the Lake (www.camdenonthelake.com). Read More »


Bottom Bouncer and Spinner Walleyes

Season 14 Episode 12 Segment 1:  Jason Mitchell and show guest Corey Ewig share some tips on rigging and tipping spinners to catch walleyes in the Glacial Lakes Region of South Dakota. Read More »


Snap Jigging Mid Summer Walleyes

Season 14 – Episode 11: Jason Mitchell and northern Minnesota fishing guide Jason Boser put together a solid jig bite pattern on Lake Winnie. After trying a few locations and experimenting with several presentations, the anglers eventually fine tune the Read More »


Pitching Jigs for Post Spawn Walleyes

Season 14 – Episode 10:  Jason Mitchell joins guiding legend Clayton Folden on the Van Hook Arm of Lake Sakakawea during the post spawn period. The anglers discuss a classic early season pattern of pitching Northland Fireball Jigs up into Read More »

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Trophy Catfish Tactics on the Red River

Season 14 – Episode 9: Red River guide Josh Burgett joins Jason Mitchell on the Red River of the North where they discuss late summer locations and strategies for trophy channel catfish. Read More »

When Panfish Behave Badly


By Jason Mitchell

A common mistake some anglers make is thinking the world below the ice is static.  The mistaken belief that nothing changes.  We have all probably been lulled into a great bite where we set up on a location and the fish basically make us look good.  The fish accelerate towards your presentation, rise up and than greet you.  The reality is that you can use several different presentations and fish those presentations several different ways and get bit.  We go home with a bounce in our step and a grin.  We also go home with confidence.  


Observations on the Ice Walleye Scene


By Jason Mitchell

Many trends and mindsets that originate over the open water season eventually transform on to the ice scene.  There was a time when walleye anglers had a hard time putting anything on a jig besides a shiner.  Today, soft plastic and water soluble soft baits have traction with the walleye crowd.  The soft plastic replacing live bait trend has slowly gained a foothold on the ice walleye world.  Just like open water, soft plastics will never replace live bait but they are a great compliment and with certain situations and applications, work much better.  


Basin Bump Gills


By Jason Mitchell

Deep structure can be relative but the location is often reserved for walleye or perhaps lake trout.  So often, anglers targeting panfish, sunfish in particular, often focus on basins but the search is so often concentrated on transitions that correlate with inside or outside turns.  These classic spots are definitely worth the exploration and often hold fish.  Sharp breaks featuring good weed growth that cut along a basin are another classic top pick.