Cranking Walleyes with the Salmo Rattling Hornet 4.5

Season 15, Episode 18: Jason Mitchell targets shallow early season walleye with the new Salmo Rattling Hornet 4.5 on Devils Lake, North Dakota. Read More »


Grinding Crank Baits to Catch Big Bass

Season 15, Episode 17: Host Jason Mitchell along with veteran guide Al Maas tag team big largemouth bass by grinding crank baits like the Salmo H6F Hornet and probing football head jigs along deep weed breaks in northern Minnesota. Read More »


Lake Kabetogama Walleye Action

Season 15, Episode 16: Host Jason Mitchell joins veteran guide Tim Snyder on beautiful Lake Kabetogama in northern Minnesota. Classic structure where you can trust your electronics to vertical jig. Information on some of Minnesota’s most renown walleye water. Read More »


Deep Bass Fishing Tactics with classic Marabou

Season 15, Episode 15: Host Jason Mitchell joins Park Rapids, Minnesota guide Jason Durham in central Minnesota where the anglers catch deep smallmouth and largemouth bass in extremely clear water with subtle marabou jig presentations. Read More »


Walleye Fishing with Brand New Spinner Harness

Season 15, Episode 14: Host Jason Mitchell burns the edges of weed lines during the middle of summer on Devils Lake, ND with a new spinner harness that he designed for Northland Fishing Tackle. Read More »


Snap Jigging Leech Lake Walleye on the Sand Flats

Season 15: Episode 13: Veteran guide Al Maas joins Jason Mitchell on Leech Lake in northern Minnesota. The anglers describe a tried and true recipe for catching walleyes. Wind driven walleye bites often ignite over the shallow sand and grass Read More »


Finding Largemouth Bass Fast with Spinnerbaits

Season 15, Episode 12: Jason Mitchell and guest Tony Mariotti share some straightforward strategies for finding bass fast along the bank. Read More »


Big Walleye Tactics in Shallow Water South Dakota Glacial Lakes

Season 15, Episode 11: Jason Mitchell joins Doug Johnson in northeastern South Dakota where the anglers share some insights on catching big walleyes out of prairie pothole lakes in shallow water. The anglers hit shallow weed lines with Salmo Hornets Read More »


Slip Bobber Walleyes during the Dog Days of Summer

Season 15, Episode 10: Host Jason Mitchell joins Doug Erickstad from Lakeview Lodge on North Dakota’s Devils Lake to explain some great tactics and locations for catching huge numbers of walleye through the summer. Read More »


Red Lake Ice Walleyes

Season 15, Episode 10: Jason Mitchell highlights some of the ice fishing opportunities available for walleye with insights to locations and presentations to put fish on the ice. Read More »


Texas Rigging Smallmouth Bass

Season 15, Episode 9: Host Jason Mitchell and guest Dennis Kassube target smallmouth bass in the Glacial Lakes Region of South Dakota after a cold front with Texas Rigs. Base camp was Hidden Hills Lodge near Roslyn, South Dakota, www.hiddenhilllodge.com Read More »


Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass

Season 15 Episode 8: Host Jason Mitchell joins Mille Lacs guide Brad Hawthorne for an early season smallmouth bass bite. Mille Lacs has developed into a world class smallmouth bass fishery. Mitchell and Hawthorne throw tube jigs up onto shallow Read More »


Finesse Strategies for Winter Bluegills

Season 15 – Episode 7: Host Jason Mitchell tackles a tough bite in western North Dakota with finesse tactics. Early ice patterns and locations are discussed for dissecting structure on small to medium size dams and reservoirs on the high Read More »


Sakakawea Pike at Late Ice

Season 15 Episode 6 Segment 2: Host Jason Mitchell joins astute Lake Sakakawea angler Jason Votova for late ice pike action. Top locations and strategies for this peaking pike fishery are discussed along with dead bait presentations that catch some Read More »


The Soft Plastic Walleye Revolution on Ice

Season 15 Episode 6 – Segment 1: Tipping walleye lures with soft plastics has become one of the hottest trends across the ice belt. Host Jason Mitchell is joined by Eric Naig from Northland Fishing Tackle to share a few Read More »


Late Ice Crappie

Season 15 Episode 5: Ice Team members Jason Mitchell and Tony Mariotti share some top locations and strategies for aggressive crappie stacked right under late ice. Slide and glide soft plastic presentations that trigger big crappies are discussed. Read More »


Epic Perch Bite on Devils Lake

Season 15 Episode 4: Jason Mitchell joins Woodland Resort’s Tom Shields on his home water of Devils Lake, North Dakota for one of the most epic days of perch fishing. Top locations and presentations for Devils Lake perch and walleyes Read More »


Ice Crappies – Quality over Quantity

Season 15 Episode 3: Top end crappies often roam water with a low population density of fish. Ice Team members Jason Mitchell and Jeff Andersen discuss some strategies for finding the top locations for slab crappies on deep water lakes Read More »


Flutter Spoon Walleyes

Season 15 Episode 2 Segment 2: High percentage transition locations are discussed for finding walleyes on prairie pothole lakes in the Glacial Lakes Region of South Dakota at late ice. Flutter Spoons are used to trigger aggressive walleyes. Read More »


Dead Stick Tactics for Jumbo Perch

Season 15 Episode 2 Segment 1:  Host Jason Mitchell shares a few strategies for hunkering down over key transitions with dead stick presentations to catch massive early ice perch on Devils Lake, North Dakota. Read More »

Walleyes on Target


By Jason Mitchell

So many situations come late summer and fall where if walleye are present, they are going to show up on electronics. When walleye start stacking up on rock reefs, deep points and classic structure that is between fifteen and forty feet of water, you are going to see fish on the screen. Bare spots that are void of life are usually a waste of time. No arches, no clutter, no bumps on the bottom often means no activity.


Snake Rigging Walleye


By Jason Mitchell

Whether you are running a spread of planer boards on the Great Lakes or hitting a milk run of points with bottom bouncers on one of the Missouri River reservoirs, you would be hard pressed to find a more effective presentation than a spinner harness. The combination of vibration, flash and profile combined with the speed makes this classic walleye weapon so effective through the dog days of summer.


Jig and Pig Walleye


By Jim Cunningham

Anglers often debate the merits of soft plastics versus live bait. When temptation is necessary to coax difficult walleye into biting, good live bait often trumps soft plastics but what many walleye anglers have discovered is that soft plastics can often work as good or better than live bait for some applications. To say that soft plastics work better than live bait across the board is foolish but there are definitely situations where the fake can trump the bait.